About Wallace Wyss

Wallace Wyss (rhymes with Reese) is a “primitive,” using his favorite  French phrase for a painter who is self-taught.

 His first few decades after college were as a writer, first writing ads for Chevrolet, and then working as associate editor on Motor Trend and then free lancing for magazines like Car & Driver, and Wheels in Australia.  In 1977 he wrote his first book,  Shelby’s Wildlife: the Mustangs and the Cobras, which sold 50,000 copies. A later biography of Sheby was optioned by Hollywood.

    He became a painter quite by accident in 2009 when he painted a portrait of Shelby merely to display on the table as he was autographing his second biography of the famous Cobra developer at a book signing. “Someone wanted to buy the painting so I had to learn quickly how to make prints” he recalls. He has since made over 100 car portraits, specializing in the exotic cars of the Sixties, but occasionally going pre-war for an art deco classic or present day or a modern car. He illustrates many of the chapters in his  Incredible Barn Finds series of books (Enthusiast Books Hudson, WI)

   Residing in Southern California, Wyss serves as  a reporter at all significant So Cal concours, but once a year stakes out a tent at Concorso Italiano in Monterey to sell his art in person. 

    The rest of the year, we offer it here, including prints on heavyweight artist’s paper. Almost every one of them is also available as a print on canvas in what’s called a “giclee.” (See Terminology) These can be repainted with oils, in which case they are “embellished” giclees and are indistinguishable from an oil painting.