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Ford GT40 & The New Ford GT


This 224 page hardbound book was published in 2006 as the last ’05–06 Ford GT came off the line. It is a rare blend of the original GT40 program and seguing into the ’05-’06 program including the design, engineering, building, marketing, etc. Out of print, not available anywhere worldwide except here. Can be autographed to you by co-author Wallace Wyss.

Product Description

RARE Wallace Wyss co-authored book on ’05–06 Ford GT and complimentary 1964 Ford GT40 fine art print. In the early ’60s Henry Ford II tried to buy Ferrari but the deal was cancelled by Enzo. So HFII budgeted the development of a Ford endurance racer and this print from an original Wyss painting shows the shape of the car that first  year. (image in gallery)

Title: Ford GT40 and the New Ford GT
Print date: 2006
Authors: Al Axelrod, Brian Winer, Wallace Wyss.
Length: 224 pages, Hardbound.
Over 200 pictures, many in color. Out of print.
New old stock. Not available at any chain bookstore.